• Signals (binance spot,kucoin futures, ByBit)
  • Up to 3-5 signals per week, including Swing,Standard and Scalp Trades.We prefer the quality of the signals to the quantity.
  • VIP Sunday Analysis Daily technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis of large coins
  • Our VIP members will be informed about the Opinions and Information about the Market first
  • Our VIP members will be informed about the risk ratio in the transactions before
  • Daily Technical and Fundamental Analysis of major transactions and Trading pairs
  • Informing our VIP Members before the transactions that have a pumping situation as a result of the technical and basic analyzes we have done
  • Special learning material, trade guides, position size management and emotion control with rich Library content.Everything you will need for large profits and Risk-free transactions
  • 24/7 Support with our Admins and Administrators
  • MED Signals for smooth trading with Automatic Trading(1o% loss, 90% gain)

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